Ted Egan
Portrayed byRobert Ridgely
Biographical information
ProfessionMayor of Beverly Hills
Affiliation(formerly) Harold Lutz

Ted Egan was the mayor of Beverly Hills, California

He appeared in Beverly Hills Cop II and was portrayed by Robert Ridgely.


Egan was a well-meaning politician and civic adminstrator who made his only major mistake when he personally appointed Harold Lutz as the new chief of police for the Beverly Hills Police Department. Lutz did everything he could to stay on Egan's good side, including wrapping up unfinished cases and firing all veteran cops on the force whom he deemed "disobedient" or potentially "trouble-shooting".

However, Lutz proved grossly incompetent when the city of Beverly Hills was hit by the Alphabet Crimes wave, which was the prelude for a major arms deal between Maxwell Dent and Nikos Thomopolis. When Detroit detective Axel Foley and his Beverly Hills compatriots Billy Rosewood and John Taggart came behind the truth and prevented the arms shipping, they were instantly berated by Lutz for starting a firefight (disregarding the fact that this was done in self-defense). However, in the course of that "discussion", Egan was shown Thomopolis' notebook in which the deal was recorded. When Lutz still continued to verbally abuse Rosewood and Taggart colmenating in them being fired, Egan grew sick of Lutz's abusive attitude and fired him, effective immediately. He then rehired Rosewood and Taggart and later appointed Andrew Bogomil as the new chief of police.

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