S&W 669.

The S&W Model 669 is a Smith & Wesson second-generation semi-automatic pistol, chambered for the 9x19mm cartridge.

It is a compact, double-action only pistol constructed almost entirely out of stainless steel.

History and designEdit

The 669 is an early model in Smith and Wesson's well-regarded 59-series, envisioned as pistols that could be easily concealed, but possessed sufficient firepower to serve as service weapons as well. It was a traditional double-action weapon with a 3.5-inch barrel, equipped with a slide-mounted safety/decocker. Magazine capacity was 12 rounds.

When Smith and Wesson introduced its "third-generation" series of semiautomatics, several similar pistols succeeded the Model 669. These included the Model 6904, which had an alloy frame with black finish, the Model 6906, which was the same pistol in a stainless steel finish, both operating in double-action/single-action mode. The Model 6946 was similar to the 6906 but operated in double-action only mode with a consistent heavy trigger pull that was directed towards law enforcement (the bobbed hammer on the 6906 could be cocked into single-action mode)

Although the 69-series of pistol is no longer produced, the polymer-framed Smith & Wesson M&P compact possesses similar dimensions, and the same barrel length and magazine capacity (in 9mm). The 669 is often referred to as the 'little brother' of the 659 and will even accept the 14 round magazine of the 659. Some other features of the gun is the 'no fire' without a magazine and the 'safe' half cock mode (if you pull the trigger lightly, the hammer will go half way back and lock) and de-cocking lever/safety on the slide.