Mikey Tandino
Portrayed byJames Russo
Biographical information
ProfessionSmall-time crook
Security guard
AffiliationAxel Foley
Jenny Summers

Michael "Mikey" Tandino was a small-time crook and a close friend of Axel Foley from Beverly Hills Cop.


Michael Tendino grew up with Axel Foley and Jenny Summers in the same Detroit neighbourhood. In their teenage years, he and Foley would commit all sorts of mischief, including the criminal kind. At the age of fifteen, they stole a limousine, but were stopped by the police. Tendino was sentenced to youth custody, but out of loyalty to his friend he kept Foley safe from persecution. Foley owed him everything and that is when Foley turn his life around that day.

As an adult, Tandino evidently continued to live of small-time schemes until he was recommended by Summers to work as a security guard for the art dealer Victor Maitland in Beverly Hills. However, sometime before he went back to Detroit, he chanced upon a crate containing German bearer bonds lying unattended in one of Maitland's warehouses, and took some of the bonds with him. However, he was unbaware that these bonds were part of a smuggling operation run by Maitland, who took extreme exception to the theft and sent his chief bodyguard Zack after Tandino.

Tandino death

Tandino after meeting his end

Upon arriving in Detroit, Tandino broke into Foley's apartment to surprise his old friend. Upon their reunion, Tandino and Foley went out carousing, in which course Tandino told Foley about his new job and the bearer bonds he swiped. I think he was about to tell Foley what he found in those bearer bonds and might need his help to take down his boss who is behind this. When they arrived back at Foley's apartment, however, they found Zack and Casey waiting for them; Casey knocked Foley out, while Zack retrieved the stolen bonds and then executed Tandino by shooting him twice in the back of his head. Angered by the murder, Foley later went to Beverly Hills to investigate and avenge his best friend's death, setting the events of the series in motion.

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