John Taggart
Portrayed byJohn Ashton
Biographical information
Profession(formerly) Police Sergeant
AffiliationBeverly Hills Police Department
Family members

Maureen Taggart (wife)
two unnamed children
unnamed mother-in-law


Sergeant John Taggart is a fictional character in the the Beverly Hills Cop series. He is played by John Ashton.


Taggart is Billy Rosewood's partner. He is an older, gruff police officer who also goes by the book but is less enthusiastic than Billy. He may seem aggressive, but he is a good cop and person. Taggart appears in two of the films, Beverly Hills Cop, and Beverly Hills Cop II. He does not make a return in the third film, having apparently retired.


  • According to Billy Rosewood, he eats a lot of red meat.
  • It is unknown if he will make a return if another film is made.