Harold Lutz
Harold Lutz
Portrayed byAllen Garfield
Biographical information
Profession(formerly) Chief of Police
AffiliationBeverly Hills Police Department
Biddle (assistant)

―Harold Lutz, to Billy Rosewood[src]

Harold Lutz was the incompetent and verbally abusive chief of police in Beverly Hills. He was an antagonist in Beverly Hills Cop II and was portrayed by Allen Garfield.


Lutz's earlier life before his assuming the post of Chief of the Beverly Hills Police Department - and as to exactly how he attained this post - is unknown. However, it soon became evident that Lutz chose a new "political" approach of appeasement to remain on the good side of Ted Egan, the mayor of Beverly Hills who had hired him for this position, and prevent any "trouble-stirring" in Beverly Hills. For that purpose, in his two months of office Lutz fired every single veteran detective from the Beverly Hills Police Department who served under Chief Hubbard, some of whom had served for decades.

Lutz was also highly self-opinionated, refusing to take criticism and good advice, and never acknowledging good police work if it left him out of the limelight. He reacted angrily to when Rosewood contacted the local FBI office about the Alphabet Bandit, suspending Andrew Bogomil and putting Rosewood on traffic duty, letting John Taggart join him after he tried to defend Billy. After Bogomil was shot by Karla Fry, Rosewood contacted their friend Axel Foley, who immediately rushed over to look after Bogomil and to take up the case. Because of the lingering threat of Lutz demoting (or firing) Rosewood and Taggert, Axel agreed to conduct the investigation undercover. In order to avoid any unnecessary interference from Lutz, he posed as a member of a fictional "multi-jurisdicitional federal task force against organised crime", with some asisstance from Jeffrey Friedman posing as Inspector Todd on the phone.

After Chip Cain, the Alphabet Crimes' executive hand (and secretly Maxwell Dent's patsy) was later found dead at the scene of one of the Alphabet Heists and the code in the letters left at the crime scenes finally appeared to be cracked, Lutz promptly took credit for this "accomplishment" and announced the end of the Alphabet Crimes to the public. When Foley, Rosewood and Taggert finally uncovered the real motive behind those crimes - a major arms deal between Maxwell Dent and Nikos Thomopolis -, Lutz was left baffled in front of Mayor Egan, who gained firsthand evidence of his incompetence by studying Thomopolis' notebook in which the deal was noted down.

When Rosewood and Taggert finally stood up to Lutz, returning his continued insults with angry outbursts, Lutz tried to have them fired instead of giving them credit for solving the Alphabet Crimes. This only proved to be the last straw for Mayor Egan, who fired both Lutz and his sycophantic assistant Biddle on the spot. Bogomil, following his recovery from being shot, later took Lutz's job. 

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