Ellis DeWald is the main antagonist of Beverly Hills Cop III. He is also Jon Flint's friend.


He is first seen killing Axel Foley's boss, Inspector Douglas Todd and escapes in a truck. Foley tries to chase him but he was stopped by Fulbright allowing DeWald to escape to Beverly Hills. DeWald is in the Wonder World Theme park owned by Uncle Dave. Foley rescues two kids who are stuck on a ride that broke down, and after this, Foley is taken to see the park's head of security, Ellis Dewald. Foley recognizes him as Todd's killer but Jon Flint, Billy Rosewood's new partner refuses to believe it. After this, Foley discovers that DeWald is running a counterfeiting scheme and also discovers that it was U.S quality ment paper that was in the truck DeWald and his men hijacked while in Detroit. He then shots Uncle Dave and frames it on Foley who then escapes and brings Dave to the hospital. Foley confronts him in the theme park's control room resulting a shootout which they damaged the controls causing all the rides and the theme park's music to run. Flint realizes Dave is in the hospital and asks him if Foley is responsible to being shot. Dave replies to Flint telling him it was actually DeWald who was really responsible and a traitor. DeWald realizes that Foley knows he is a traitor and attempts to kill Foley with his Glock 17, but Foley attacks Ellis, wrestling the gun away from him and shooting him three times in the chest at point-blank range, killing him and avenging Todd. DeWald's body falls on the ride, which leads him away. Flint arrives and, discovering DeWald's treachery, sees his body on the train. Dave recovers and thanks Foley for bringing the traitor to justice and introduces a new character in the park, Axel Fox.

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